About the Charity

2013 Charity Check_Net Income

The funds from this event directly benefit the Southside Business Men’s Club Charities. Since 1994, the club has been helping students in our community through the Youth Achiever Program and our College Scholarship Program. Through the help of the SBMC, local elementary schools learn how to raise money for their annual school safety patrol trips to Washington D.C. This money helps to ensure that all of their safety patrol members can attend the trip regardless of the child’s financial situation. In addition, high school seniors who participated at qualifying schools throughout the Southside are encouraged to apply for a $1,500 yearly college scholarship based on academic performance. Further, we present one University of North Florida student with the Pauline Smith Scholarship Award. This award goes to the runner up of the UNF Harry Truman Scholarship Award competition.

The Southside Business Men’s Club has long been recognized as one of the finest Civic Organizations in Jacksonville. Now in our 80th year of operation, we continue with the finest traditions that help make Jacksonville a better place to live and work.