The Youth Achiever Program Scholarship

The Youth Achiever Program was established in 1994. The purpose of the program is to honor and recognize children who are striving to do their best to accomplish good deeds in their daily lives for themselves and others. We accomplish this by specifically honoring public elementary school children who are involved with the Safety Patrol at their school. Twice per year (spring and fall) the Southside Business Men’s Club affiliates with a Southside elementary school to assist with fundraising to help them meet their needs.

We organize a barbeque cookout to be held on school grounds. The kids and parents sell dinner tickets and offer sponsorships to area businesses. Then we honor the Safety Patrol children at one of our regular weekly meetings for lunch. This setting provides us the opportunity to present each School Patrol member with a much deserved Certificate of Achievement.

The money raised during these barbeque cookout fundraisers is sent in two directions. In the immediate term we provide parents and school administrators with needed funding for the children’s annual trips to Washington D.C. And the other part is placed in our long term charities accounts to provide college scholarships for those very same children.

Throughout every aspect of this event we recognize and honor all of the corporate sponsors who made contributions supporting these events!

Youth Achiever Scholarship Program Criteria
Youth Achiever Scholarship Program Application